1 – Humble Beginnings

06-09-15_11:39 AMThis was all that she started with…a blank canvas to dispel all her creative energies into so that she could someday have a home worth admiring. She had only $50 to begin her journey of financial security and since she wanted to be a famous painter some day, she headed to the museum to see if she could began to hone in on her craft there.

06-09-15_11:43 AMHer task of increasing her painting skill was momentarily put on hold when a fine gentleman asked to sit with her and went on to introduce himself as J. Huntington III. They talked for a bit and J revealed that he was a Tech Guru at Rainy Day Entertainment. Elissa cracked a few jokes at that and waved a sullen goodbye after she spotted an unused Easel some distance away.

06-09-15_11:49 AM-2She began to paint in hopes that she could increase her painting skill. She was a bit rusty, she knew, but perfection came with practice.

06-09-15_11:51 AMIt wasn’t long after she was done that a gentleman stopped her to discuss her work. He talked about his own budding creativity as a writer at Walrus Books. Elissa assured him that he would be a better writer tomorrow if he kept working at it and waved goodbye as she noticed a young woman trying to get his attention.

06-09-15_12:00 PMElissa continued to paint for several more hours hoping to complete milestone 1 of her aspiration. Besides, she was starting to get hungry and had really needed to use the bathroom. It was around 10:30 when Elissa had finally completed milestone 1 by painting a beautiful pop art piece. If she wasn’t so hard pressed for money, she would have kept it to decorate her nonexistent house, but she needed money…and food.

06-09-15_12:34 PM-2She stopped by a local diner on her way home and after devouring a bowl of chips and downing a club soda, she suddenly felt as if she was being watching. She glanced around the place and her eyes stopped on a gentleman sitting a little ways down from her. She gave him a half wave and he smiled at her. He asked if she would like to join him on the loveseat for a bit of conversation. Elissa glanced at her phone and realized that it was nearing 5 in the morning. She suddenly felt extremely tired. With promises of having drinks at another time, she waved goodbye to the guy and went in search of somewhere to sleep…perhaps the park?


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