2 – Hire me please!

06-09-15_12:43 PMSleeping on a park bench is not ideal for comfortable sleeping arrangements, but Elissa made due with what she could and after a restful night, she managed to be half content. The other half of her really had to pee and was starving.

06-09-15_12:44 PMShe didn’t really want to waste any money by buying anything. She was just $18 short of the $500 required for a job application fee, and man did she need a job. After listening to her rumbling stomach for several minutes, she realized that she needed to invest in some food before she passed out from starvation..or worst!

06-09-15_12:49 PMWalking out of the bathroom, she spotted a grill and decided some hotdogs would be the perfect solution to her aching stomach.

06-09-15_12:53 PMElissa ate all that she could and packed the rest up in her backpack in hopes that later she’d be able to score a used refrigerator at a discount price. Plus, she wanted to head back to the museum to paint a realism piece hoping she’d be able to collect enough cash to apply for a painter’s position.

06-09-15_1:00 PMWhen Elissa arrived at the museum, she was very tense and didn’t really feel like painting like she initially wanted to. She pulled out her phone and tried to beat her last score she got in Tetris. After playing for a bit, and coming up 70 points short of beating her high score, Elissa tucked her phone away and tried again at painting a large realism piece.

06-09-15_1:10 PMOnce completed, Elissa sold the painting and yawned. Woah, she was extremely tired. Happy that she had finally reaching $500, even going a little bit over that total, she applied for the first painter’s job she could find.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 1.13.57 PMWith her new job starting in less than 13 hours, Elissa had to figure out how she was going to get some sleep and create the appropriate amount of paintings before she was due in. She had enough to purchase a bed, and understood that it would be just a tad bit better than the park’s bench.

06-09-15_1:18 PM

So after returning home, Elissa purchased a double bed and slept soundlessly for several hours.

06-09-15_1:21 PMThe smell of her own funk woke Elissa from her sleep. After a couple of unwanted inhalations, Elissa decided the best course of action to remedy this problem was to head to the local gym for a quick shower before she went to practice her painting.

06-09-15_1:26 PMAltering arriving at he museum, Elissa managed to create enough painting to suffice for her first day at work. She glanced at her phone and realized she was 2 hours late for work! No bueno on the first day! She dropped her paintbrush, slid down the bannister, and ran out of the museum’s door like lightening was chasing her.

06-09-15_1:36 PMElissa had made it through her first day of work and brought home enough money where she could purchase her own Easel. She thought it best she do that in the morning after she got her some much needed shut eye.


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