5 – Week 1

Elissa had the weekend off and since she had completed enough paintings to be considered for a promotion at work, she had wanted to put work as far from her mind as possible. She wanted to get into something…to have some fun at least.

06-12-15_9:25 AM

She headed to the museum, just to admire some art, and a young woman tapped her on the shoulder having recognized her from a few days ago.

“Hey, you were painting that realism piece the other day, right?” she asked, extending her hand. “I’m Alice.”

Elissa took her hand and introduced herself. They engaged in light conversation until Alice had to leave to make dinner for her family.

“Hope to see you around here again,” she said before heading out of the museum’s doors.

06-12-15_9:29 AMIt was late when Elissa finally left the museum and she headed the the nearest bar for a drink or two. Once seated, a gentleman beside her tapped her on the shoulder.

“Couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are,” he commented. “I’m Darrius. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Elissa,” she shook his hand. “And of course you can. Sweet and Spicy, please.”

Darius turned to the bartender to order her drink and another guy took a seat beside her.

06-12-15_9:30 AM

“Hey, I’m Keon…” He started to talk to her but she felt someone grab her hand and she turned to see Darrius standing up.

“Join me on the dance floor?” he asked smiling and eyeing Keon from over her shoulder.

Elissa smiled. “Sure.”

06-12-15_9:32 AMDarrius pulled Elissa onto the dance floor and they danced and laughed awhile before Keon followed them over.

“Let’s grab a table,” Darrius laughed and lead Elissa over to a vacant table.

06-12-15_9:34 AMThey talked a bit more, Elissa finding out a bit about Darrius. He was currently unemployed but was a bit of a goofball. She couldn’t stop laughing the entire time they talked. He was just that funny.

06-12-15_9:35 AM-2Elissa eyebaleld her watch and saw that it was nearing 4 in the morning. There were still things she needed to do at home.

“Hey Darrius, I need to get going. It was nice talking to you.” She made to stand and Darrius did the same.

“Hey, you want to get coffee or something tomorrow?”

Elissa would love to. She really liked Darrius. “Sure.”

Darrius stepped forward and pulled Elissa into a hug. She almost melted into it. “See you tomorrow then, Elissa.”

06-12-15_9:36 AMAs she walked away, Elissa could feel eyes on her and turned back to see Darrius watching her as she left. She felt so giddy inside.

06-12-15_11:06 AMThe next day Elissa met up with Darrius at Starbucks. He had just ordered a drink when eh turned around and was faced with a beaming Elissa.

“You made it,” he said and embraced her in a hug. “What can I get you?”

Elissa stared at the menu before settling on a mocha latte.

06-12-15_11:05 AMDarius turned to order the drink and Elissa couldn’t help but notice the look of longing the barista had towards Darrius. Elissa felt the stirrings of jealousy begin to arise and she had to quickly shove them back down. It was way too soon to be getting jealous over a guy…even if he was pretty hot.

06-12-15_11:01 AMOnce the order was placed, Darrius lead Elissa to the outdoor seating and they almost immediately jumped into easy conversation. Elissa felt surprised at the ease at which she communicated things with Darrius…like her love of painting and how she hopes to become a famous painter one day. Preferably, before she died.

They talked until late evening and made plans to hang out again soon before Elissa placed a kiss on his cheek and went home to prepare for the upcoming week.


Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.39.21 AM



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    • Yes, I combined the Rosebud Challenge with the Random Legacy Challenge and created this baby! lol I’m interested to see how this all will turn out as well. -bites nails-

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