7 -Pay my bills

06-13-15_10:34 AM

The week started off rough and didn’t seem to get any better. It seemed that her promotion would be the only highlight of the week. Work was seriously kicking her a**. She felt more tired than ever and was often tense since work required a lot more technical stuff then simply painting masterpieces.

06-13-15_10:34 AM-2To makes matters worse, she came home to a broken shower. Rather than waste simoleons on a repairman, she googled “How to fix broken showers” and went ahead and gave it a try. It took way longer than expected…she had to keep putting down the wrench to check the steps on google.

Eventually she 06-13-15_10:36 AMEventually she fixed it though…she just left a mess. So she mopped up all the spilled water and tossed out the trash.

06-13-15_10:37 AMTo top everything off, she noticed the red flag on her mailbox was up, letting her know she had mail. Darn it! If it’s not one thing, then it’s another. Paying the $245, Elissa was glad she opted out of calling a repairman. She would’ve ended up spending more in this one day on repairs and bill then she would’ve liked.

06-13-15_10:49 AMOnce everything was okay, Elissa changed into her pajamas and turned on the television. She watched the news for a bit, perturbed at the latest NAACP scandal that went viral.

06-13-15_10:56 AMFeeling slightly hungry, Elissa finished off the last of her BLT. It was yummy, she surmised easily, and feeling slightly better she decided to paint for awhile.

06-13-15_10:58 AM-2

She ended up painting her very first ever masterpiece. Rather than sell it immediately, Elissa thought she’d bring it in to work the next day to get it appraised. She was sure it was worth maybe 300-400 simoleons, but she wanted to be sure before she sold it to the highest bidder.

06-13-15_11:07 AMAfter work, Elissa took a shower and contemplated her decision to sell her masterpiece. The Art gallery was offering her $805 simoleons for it, way more than if she sold it to a collector and way more than she had hoped to get for it. She decided she would sell it as soon as she got to work tomorrow. The extra money could help her renovate her home. It was well past time, she was tired of sleeping next to her toilet.


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