8 -Week 2

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Friday had came and with it came a promotion. Elissa was more than excited but too tired – again- to celebrate. Keon, her coworker and newfound friend, really wanted to celebrate. He seemed truly excited for her so she decided to take him up on his offer to buy her a drink.

06-13-15_11:48 AM

They met up at the bar and immediately sat down for drinks.

“Congrats again, Elissa. You deserved it!” Keon congratulated Elissa after taking a nice long drink. “Your paintings are awesome.”

“Thanks Keon, so are yours.”

They kept talking, sometimes about work and sometimes about other things.

06-13-15_11:49 AMSuddenly one of Elissa’s favorite songs came on. She yanked Keon up from his seat and pulled him to the dance floor.

“Gawd, I love this song!”

Keon chuckled lightly. “What band is this?” he asked over the music.

“The Simstaers,” Elissa replied catching her groove.

The continued to dance and Elissa felt herself get hungry.

“Hey, I’ll be back. I’m going to grab something from the bar. Be back in a second.”

06-13-15_11:50 AM

Elissa sat and contemplated the exciting evening she was having with Keon. She was shocked that she had written him off so easily before. He was turning out to be truly amazing and she was having so much fun…the liquor was helping matters a tad bit, too.

06-13-15_11:51 AM

Elissa joined Keon on the dance floor once again and they cranked out dance move after dance move. Elissa felt herself get tired and after saying goodbye to Keon and offering to bring him coffee into work in the morning, she left and headed home.

06-13-15_12:09 PM-2The next day after work, Elissa spent her time renovating her small space into something more…well, spacious. She now had separate rooms for everything and she couldn’t be more happier. This was a perfect way to end her exciting week, she thought.

Week 2

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